Our professionals are certified in hardware and software from Comptia and Microsoft. Armed with their knowledge we can resolve your root issues and keep your computers working at top performance.


Our technicians have been in the field and have experience in a majority of issues. We know how they present and can take proactive measures to prevent downtime before it happens.


With our cloud partnerships we can offer you offsite email, file storage, and backups/disaster recovery that is seamless to the end user. Rest assured that your data is safe, encrypted and secure offsite so when the worst happens, you can resume business from anywhere with little to no downtime

24/7/365 Monitoring & Maintenance

Our monitoring system will watch your servers and computers so that we can proactively respond to issues before they become downtime. In the rare event of a catastrophic event, we are notified as soon as the issue arises and begin resolving the issue in most cases before your employees even notice.


Finally budget your IT expenses


Imagine being able to finally budget your technology.  Imagine how much faster issues will get resolved if your entire staff can call a Las Vegas IT consultant for support without increasing your monthly small business IT expenses.  With Rogers Technology LLC, you and your staff can rest assured that you can focus entirely on other business issues that need your attention, not your IT or computer service issues.  In the long run, you save money with fewer problems and less downtime through a no-surprises flat-rate IT service that’s designed to work for small businesses.


We have a 1 hour response time for all issues. We guarantee that a tech will be working on your issue in 1 hour or less from notification of issue after you contact us. Having this short first response time ensures that issues are resolved in short order.


We cover all PCs and servers that may need to be replaced and new hardware your organization may need. We also cover office software, antivirus and hosted email costs for your company, so it truly is an all-inclusive service, lowering your overall monthly IT expenses.


With our flat rate, you are paying per PC supported each month and not for hours spent supporting your hardware and network. This allows you to know that you will pay the same price every month as long as your network size stays the same.


Updating your hardware on a refresh cycle you will ensure that you have no PCs more than 5 years old in your organization. You’ll never be stuck on an old unsupported operating system like many companies found themselves in when Microsoft stopped supporting Windows XP.


As your Las Vegas, Nevada managed IT service provider you’ll have 24/7/365 proactive support for all desktops and services within your small business organization. You can focus on your work with the peace of mind of knowing that we are handling anything related to technology for you day and night.

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Rogers Technology consultants stand out from the crowd in Las Vegas by offering personal in-office desktop support services (“aka deskside support services”) for all levels of issues from user error all the way up to hardware/software failure.



Storing all of your business’ valuable data in one place is asking for trouble. With off-site backup we offer peace of mind by securing your data while simultaneously providing seamless access for employees and customers.



Having a @gmail or @aol email address for your business is just plain unprofessional. It also has a detrimental impact on your security as well as your email marketing deliverability. Getting your Las Vegas small business set up with a @yourcompany.com email address is an inexpensive and painless process that we can get taken care of for you in a matter of a few short hours.



Staying up to date with technology is not your forte, it’s ours. Rogers Tech will upgrade all of your company’s IT and hardware to keep your machines running fast and your employees productive.



You’ve heard a lot about “the cloud”. We take out the confusion. Cloud computing provides your Las Vegas small business with the benefits of in-house hardware and the security of storing data off-site without the burden of high up-front costs.


Are we too big/small to move to managed services?

Well, most places will say no by default, but if you are under 10 computers, or over 500 the real answer is no. If you are under 10, you should be on what we call a break / fix plan, where you pay for a block of hours for support. If you are over 500 computers, you have to look at your business infrastructure and decide if outsourcing is still viable. Anything that falls in between these numbers is a solid, confident YES

How do we know we are secure with your service?

Firstly, we provide data security and managed IT services to highly regulated industries, so our processes are already vetted by cyber insurance professionals, and industry regulators. Secondly, Every quarter by default (we can do a monthly or weekly report if a client requests it) our team runs reports for users and security permissions. We run a quarterly audit because it is easier to catch mistakes and fix them as we move along, vs waiting until a big yearly audit to catch and fix them. These audits require some action from your company, like the user report. We will provide you with a list of current active users, and you will need to verify the list to make sure no one has been let go, and we were not told to remove their access, so that we can remedy this as soon as possible.

What is included with the Platinum Managed Service Contract, and why is it better than the Gold or Silver packages?

Our platinum service puts ALL IT costs on us. You pay a service fee per device connected to your domain, and get unlimited hours, if you need to replace a PC that has died but is out of warranty, Rogers Technology LLC will replace the hardware at no extra cost. As well as Rogers Technology LLC covering all costs for licensing on Antivirus, and Web Content Filtering software. This allows you to have 100% predictable IT spending. There are no surprises because of a server hard drive decided to die, or because a PC power supply got fried from an electrical storm. The Gold Package gives you a flat rate per device connected to the domain for support, but does not offer any hardware or software (that cost remains on your business to cover) and the silver package is a break / fix solution where you buy blocks of hours and the price is fixed based on how many hours a month you pay for. If you are above 20 PCs, then Gold or Platinum usually will work out better for your business and if you are over 50 PCs, we will not offer the Silver package because it is actually cheaper to move into the Gold package at that point. We fit you into a support package that fits not only your company, but also one that fits your companies budgetary concerns as well.

Why are you any better than any other local service company?

Rogers Technology’s owner has worked with large banks and casinos IT departments for almost 20 years, he has modeled all levels of service to match the level of service these highly regulated industries require, yet at a cost and scalabilty to match a small and medium sized business. He has put his name on the business because he takes a personal pride in the service we offer, and will never offer sub par service because of that. With Rogers Technology LLC you get a highly scalable IT solution, as well as a friendly support team that provides a service that we are proud of.

We currently have a full time IT employee, do you do project work, or can you help with their displacement if we move to you as a managed service partner?

Yes to both of these. We not only do managed services to our clients, we also offer our services for projects being done by your in house IT team. If your In House IT person has been too busy to get some of the projects off of their plate, we have temporary and project solutions to fit your needs, as well as, if you wanted to move from an in house solution to a managed solution permanently, we offer your in house team to come consult with us, taking the burden of unemployment off of your company.

What is your “1 Hour Guarantee?” how does that work?

Our 1 hour Guarantee is based on ITIL standards. Basically there is a standard set of best practices that large organizations follow called ITIL, part of that standard is that within one hour of you putting in a ticket we will have assigned it to a technician who will have reached out to you to initiate the process. From that point we have different levels of severity which impact the length of time we have to close the ticket. The total life of the ticket is determined by severity after the 1 hour guarantee. Should we ever fail to stand by the 1 hour Guarantee your following months billing will be reduced to reflect our failure.

What if we want to change our level of service, or cancel service?

Changing your level of service, up or down, is done by your request. There is no cancelation fee, but any hardware that is still under our warranty (180 days from purchase) will be your only cost to get out of contract from a platinum level. Since Gold and Silver have no built in hardware freebies, you can cancel or change at any time, but we respectfully request you give us a 30 day notice when possible, so that we can prepare any documentation to hand off to your business.

Speaking of Documentation, how is this handled?

Every quarter when we run our security reports and audits, after we remedy any issues, we update our documentation which includes a network map, any pertinent information, and every account and password for your company that we manage. We give this to a key person (usually an office manager or higher) so that all of your network and security measures are in your hands. You do not have to worry about having your computers and data held hostage by your MSP.

Backups and redundancy, why should I worry about these things?

We offer in our Platinum package a full offsite, and virtualized offsite backup solution, so that if a disaster happens, you can be up and running within a matter of hours, instead of days. Our lower tier packages offer this solution as an ala carte option. Backups running offsite in our Rogers Technology solution give you a virtual version of your servers that are backed up, which provides redundancy, and can run off of the virtual backup in a diminished capacity until the new physical servers can be put in place and then restored, keeping downtime to a minimum. It keeps you from having to have duplicate hardware sitting around running, waiting for catastrophe, but also keeps you up and running as if you did have this physical redundancy in place.

We currently have an IT company that does not offer everything you do. We are considering jumping ship, but would like to try it before we do. How would you handle this?

Rogers Technology has a free Network audit that we provide. We come in and work with your existing IT to perform a free third party audit. We give you the report and you can either have your current IT support handle the issues or have us do it. If you have us remediate, this would be your trial. We will never trial a Platinum Level Service, as there is too much risk in loss of hardware costs to us, but Gold and Silver can be trialed with no risk to your company for one month, or however many hours you are looking to buy. This lets you put off jumping ship until you are warm and fuzzy about the service we will provide. Give us a try with a no risk FREE IT Audit today!