Some of the Reasons Why More Businesses are Using Managed IT Services

In 2014, a survey was done to see how many organizations are handing over the handling of their internal IT to managed IT services. At that time, only 3 out of 10 organizations did so, although managed IT services had been around for quite some time.

However, that number has grown considerably since then. A surge in demand has taken place, caused by a realization that most companies spend a good portion of their time dealing with glitches in the IT department instead of concentrating on running the business. Now, over 60% businesses and companies are using outside IT firm’s services.

If you are not yet familiar with the term managed IT services, you could be missing out on what could be considered as one of the keys to your business success. Read on to learn what managed IT services are and what they do to boost the performance of your current business endeavors.

Managed IT Services Is A New and Modern Way to Improve Your Business

What Is Managed IT Services?

Also known as Managed Services Provider (MSP), managed IT service is offered by an outside IT firm who handles a company’s IT operations. They will assume your company’s responsibility and monitor, manage, or resolve IT problems, and maintain IT functions on your behalf. This way, your in-house staff can be rid of these distracting tasks and focus on doing their true purpose in the company.

How Can Managed IT Services Help Your Business?

One of the most common services sought out from an MSP is e-mail hosting. Corporate businesses often need a professional form of communication with their partners or customers. This also often comes with a need for encrypting outgoing and incoming e-mails, recovery, and network security. Another common function of an MSP is to manage company server 24/7, which is particularly common with e-commerce sites and online businesses.

Managed IT services can also help a company in managing its relationship with customers via a customer relationship management (CRM) application or software. The application collects customer information in one place so as to be easily accessible by the company, yet provide a comprehensive protection against cyber crimes, identity theft, and other breaches of privacy. CRM software can also be used to manage employees, contracts, and relationships with vendors and partners, tracking sales leads, and maintain company assets or resources.

A Few Things to Remember about Managed IT Services

While it is true that companies are increasingly relying on outside firms for their IT needs, managed IT services only serve to complement your internal IT department. This is especially true when you look at larger businesses. MSP allows the existing IT staff to be free to do their job and focus more on strategic projects that can boost their company’s business. Think of MSP as an extension of your current IT department who takes care of the IT infrastructure of your company.

As a final note, managed IT services are usually available on a subscription or contract basis. The level of service you need depends on your particular needs. Typically, a managed IT firm will perform some analysis to give you an idea of your company’s current IT situation. From there, you can choose from basic monitoring services to a fully managed IT services with onsite customer support.

Whatever your choice may be, signing up with experienced managed IT services is a good step towards success.

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