Services that Never Sleep: Why 24/7 Managed IT Services Are Important for Businesses

There comes a point in every business owner’s life where the amount of work required takes up more time than you have yourself. You’ll likely begin hiring new staff, upsizing your work premises and perhaps creating an online presence.

The one thing many businesses forget to do for a long time is enlist the support of companies providing managed IT services. In fact, you’ve probably had one too many early morning breakdowns over your technology than you’d like to admit. If you’ve had enough, and are planning to use managed IT services going forward, here’s why you need to ensure they’re a 24/7 service, rather than one that only operates during fixed hours.

24/7 Managed IT Services are Important When You Have Many Employees

Help Your Staff

Your staff are unlikely to always operate the same hours that you do, and if they choose to work from home, or stay late and start early in the office, you need to be assured that any technical difficulties will be managed while you’re not there.

A 24 hour service will be able to support your staff with any IT difficulties, whether they’ve chosen to get a head start on their work at 7 AM, or want to finish something up at 1 AM on a weekend.

Checking For Online Issues

Businesses often encounter a never ending stream of online difficulties. These may include server failures, security alerts, order overloads on ecommerce sites, data backups, and more. As a business owner, you can’t be expected to spend your time providing technical support when your talents are needed elsewhere.

Managed IT services with 24-hour operating times can deal with any online issues as they occur, and actively work towards preventing them from happening in the first place.

The Risks of a Lesser Service

Having managed IT services which don’t operate 24/7 could have serious consequences for your business. One issue could mean your ecommerce site fails, leaving you without orders. A data breach could leave your whole business open to hacking.

At best, issues would need to wait to be resolved overnight, but at worst, your business could be stalled over an entire holiday period. Growing companies simply cannot take this risk. Ideally, companies shouldn’t have to deal with these kinds of issues at all, which is why IT service companies who offer a prevention package are so valuable. Not only will tangible issues be resolved, but potential ones are prevented from happening.

If you’re ready to introduce 24/7 managed IT services into your company, contact a reputable company for more information on how to get the package you need. 

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