Surprising Things You May Not Know About IT Companies

If you have not used the services offered by IT companies for your business, you need to learn what they offer, and how these companies run. IT companies who offer managed services usually have an office that they work out of, and from there they provide remote and on site IT support as needed. Their services may cover security issues, website errors, server difficulties, and a number of other IT issues your business may have.

It’s predicted that up to 90% of businesses will be using IT companies for managed services in the future. Here are some other things you may be surprised to hear about IT companies.

IT Companies Can Manage Your Business’s Encrypted Email Accounts, Too

They Can Encrypt Business Emails

Many businesses, particularly those who work in protected fields such as medical teams, finance, or social workers, need encrypted emails so that information can’t get into the wrong hands.

This is no light hearted issue, as there are data protection laws in place to stop data from being misused or given incorrectly. To ensure your business complies with these laws, you can use IT companies to set up an encrypted email system for you.

They Offer In Office Support

While not all IT companies offer this service, many of the best ones have in office assistants who can attend your business premises and help with physical problems as they arise.

IT companies who are located in your area are most likely to offer on-site support as required. Alternatively, IT services will often remotely take over your desktop to see what the problem is, without ever needing to come out and see you.

They Can Manage Your Hardware & Software

Do you often forget to update your programs, upgrade your software or renew subscriptions? Managed IT services can do that for you. When a business is growing, it can be hard for owners to keep on top of their hardware, which is why this kind of service is so popular with expanding companies.

They Work 24/7

The best IT companies offer 24 hour services to their clients. This is important because many businesses don’t stop running outside of regular working hours. You may have an ecommerce site, servers or off site staff that will continue to need support throughout the day and night.

An error can happen at any time, so it’s important for IT companies to be able to fix this immediately so your business doesn’t suffer. Your customers won’t easily understand if your website stops working over the weekend, and it shouldn’t be you as a business owner who has to deal with an IT glitch like that.

Were you surprised at what IT companies can offer? If you’d like to use managed IT services, contact a reputable IT company so you can choose a service plan appropriate for your business needs.

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